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    Since the establishment of Shandong Meiling Group in 1958, it has gone through more than 60 years.

    The 60-year period is only a brief moment of the long history. However, for the Meiling staff and the founders of Shandong Meiling Group, these 60 years are full of the difficulties of starting from scratch and passionate entrepreneurship, and gestating pioneering transformation and leapfrogging development. During the 60 years, the company has precipitated the essence of deepening reform and lean management, has expressed the spirit chapter of unity, diligence, pragmatism and innovation, and is depicting a colorful picture of harmony, encouragement, and upwards.

    In the early days of the establishment of the factory, it was a small social-owned collective factory, had only a dozen workers who were both workers and farmers, and started to make adobe, build factories, and started by repairing iron carpenters and farm tools. In the past 60 years, this small social-owned factory has survived from the "three-year economic hardship period" and encountered the "Cultural Revolution" period. It survived the baptism of social change and grew up in the economic environment of different periods. Today, Shandong Meiling Group has achieved cross-industry and cross-regional operations, and the two major businesses of machinery manufacturing and environmental protection water affairs are going hand in hand and developing together. It has obtained various honors including national high-tech enterprises, China's well-known trademarks, national contract-abiding and credit-honoring enterprise, key enterprises of China's environmental protection industry... The corporate culture has been inherited continuously, the scale of operation has expanded year after year, the system reform has been continuously deepened, the products have been gradually transformed and upgraded, the scientific and technological work has continued to innovate, the people-oriented management model has been improved, the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the production and management team have become stronger and stronger, and Meiling people have made great strides towards "Create, share, and win together".

    Looking around Linzi city, the homeland of ancient Qi state, there are few companies that can survive 60 years of ups and downs and are still flourishing and flourishing. Why Meiling Group can achieve this can be summarized into two points: one is hard work and the other is integrity. Meiling has developed from a socially operated farm tool factory to today, and every its step has the shadow of "struggle". From the initial production and repair of simple agricultural tools to the independent development and production of threshers, from the involvement of petrochemical accessories to the development and production of pressure vessels, high-strength fasteners, air-conditioning fans and heavy forgings, from the advancement of environmental governance, urban water supply to the development of auto parts products, electricity technology services, etc., at every turning point and every difficult time, the spirit of "struggle" drives the Meiling staff to fight through the thorns, passionate entrepreneurship, and courage to move forward. If "struggle" is the key to start a career, then "integrity" is the basis for development and growth. At that time, the first heat exchanger product had a quality problem, but Meiling people swallowed the bitter fruit themselves. Painstakingly, Meiling carried out quality awareness education activities, established and improved the quality management system that was in use continuously until the creation of "Chinese famous brand" "national inspection-free products". This ordeal also brought about a major turning point for the company and ushered in a new life. Since then, Meiling has built a core business philosophy of building a century-old enterprise that will never be shaken - Achieve great goal with sincerity, create the future with solidarity.

    Recalling the past years, we are concerned about Meiling; looking into the future and entering the new world, we will write about the spring and autumn. This is a true portrayal of Shandong Meiling Group and Meiling people’s 60-year-old entrepreneurship, and is also a century-old dream portrayed by Meiling people. We must review the history and plan the future with a broad mind. We must establish the ambition and confidence to build the Meiling century-old brand and re-create the company’s brilliant development. In the future, we will unite and work hard, be realistic and innovative, continue to make the company bigger and stronger according to the company’s development strategy and modern enterprise requirements and management models, strive to fulfill Meiling's century-old dream, and make new contributions to the society.

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